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 About Clear-line

The Clear-line aligner system enables Orthodontists and Dentists a reliable treatment plan. Designed for patients wanting a clear more aesthetically pleasing solution to wearing braces .Clear-line uses a series of clear  custom-made aligners to gradually move the teeth into their desired position.

Using the latest in digital technology, the software enables Dentist and Orthodontists to view  movement and realignments throughout the course of treatment. Each aligner movement is formulated accurately and specifically to instructions provided. The aligner is worn between 2 to 3 week intervals, repositioning the teeth gradually. Effectively reaching the perfect dental alignment.

Clear-line is highly recommended for finishing relapses and simple treatments not requiring prior band ups. More complex cases can be treated, however we a highly recommend contacting Alfodontics Dental Laboratory, to discuss a comprehensive treatment plan.



The Benefits

  • A clear treatment solution
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • High Precision correction
  • Complete control over aligner treatment
  • Faster laboratory turnaround time
  • Australian made & owned






How Clear-line aligners are made

An Impression of the mouth is taken by a dental professional, and then a plaster model is poured up and sent to our laboratory.
We then scan the models and discuss a treatment plan with clinicians. The clear-line software enables us to calculate the amount of sequential aligners needed for the complete treatment.
Once approval has been given for the correct alignment of teeth, we the proceed with printing 3D models and the final aligners are then produced.


clear-line treatment



How to use Clear-line aligners
Patients will receive a series of aligners, each aligner is individually numbered.
The aligners are to be worn between 2  to 3 weeks intervals,  inclusive nightly to maintain treatment, when course complete , change to the next aligner.
On each initial first wear of aligner, it will feel very firm and tight over the teeth. This is due to the teeth being repositioned and moved into their new alignment. Eventually after a few days the aligner will feel comfortable and not tight due to teeth being repositioned.
Patients can take them out for special occasions, brush and floss as normal throughout their course of treatment.

Care Instructions

Clean prior to each wear, rinse under cool or room temperature water. Do not rinse aligners in hot water, heat will distort your aligners.
Remove aligners when eating and drinking exemption being water. Do not wear if consuming hot beverages.
To clean, use a soft bristle toothbrush with water and gently brush do not use tooth paste.

       Clear- line the clearest way to straighten teeth
without braces

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For price estimates and quotes of treatments, please contact us.
To send your next clear-line aligner case, please view download’s on home page and print the Clear-line Aligners form, fill out details required.

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